About us

Welcome to Sacred Hidden Jewels...

     All of our jewelry is hand-made by Keyana Stone just for you!  We use metaphysical stones and crystals to make our bracelets and necklaces.  Metaphysical stones are dug and mined from caves all around the world.  These healing stones and crystals contain different energies that can help you in life.  Different energies the stones give off are for healing, blocking negative energy, attracting money, protecting and many more properties.  
   All of our tea blends are created with natural herbs to help you with anxiety, better quality sleep and dream recall. 

    This business was started to help the people of the world gain the knowledge and reap the benefits of the natural stones and crystals which they were put on the earth for.  All while connecting with the energies of the bracelets, you'll be fashionable wearing custom, hand-made designs.  Hope you all enjoy!  Thank you all for your support!



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