The Human Liver

 The human body was created with many functions to be able to heal itself and protect itself. Our organs depend on other organs to keep the body healthy and do it’s job. The liver is an amazing organ. The liver makes proteins for the body. Liver is a filter of the blood. It stores the vitamins, detoxifies the chemicals and drugs. It regulates the blood sugar. It is known to do ten things in one minute. The kidney depends on the liver to make urine.  Constipation is caused by troubles in the liver. To detect how the liver is functioning signs would include gallstones, constipation, diarrhea, hemorrhoids and low energy. Liver deals with digestion, depression and diabetes.  Mental disorders are caused by troubles in the liver because the liver holds our emotion anger. This could be a reason some people get angry when they drink alcohol. The kidney needs to receive good signals from the liver or it will not be able to send the urine. In order to help the liver function better you must let your organs rest. Fasting is considered to be one of the best ways to give your organs a rest, some may consider this hard to do. By making lunch your biggest meal of the day organs will get a little resting time while you sleep because the body would not be up at night breaking down all of your dinner. When you awaken you can start the morning off with one cup of warm water and one key lime to get rid of the debris from the day before. You can incorporate more beets, tumeric and watercress to your diet these things will help drain the liver and feed the liver. Yellow peppers, green apples and string beans can also help to cleanse the liver. This can be very effective if you can make into a juice. Some herbs that can help the liver would include Milk Thistle it helps regenerate the liver you can eat it or take it in capsule form. Yellow dock root can be used to help you absorb iron. When using herbs be sure to do your research and be sure to know the conditions of your body to make sure that you are using the right herbs to help you heal. Remember to love your body it is your home!

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