Calendula Flowers

Calendula Flowers also know as marigold flowers are considered to be the most medicinal of all the various species of marigold flowers that are grown around the world. It’s native to Egypt and parts of the Mediterranean but now grown in every continent. Blooming during the warmer parts of the year. (May-October).  There are many benefits of calendula flowers and many ways to use it. Calendula flowers may help in treating many conditions like rashes, allergies, eczema, dermatitis, pain swelling, redness (caused by muscle cramps) fungal infections, ringworm, ear infections, sprains, itchiness, and inflammation just to name a few.  Drinking calendula flowers as a tee can help with urinary tract infections. It is soothing of the throat ( gargle when throat feels sore). Calendula tea can also help with digestion. You can use calendula tea as a sitz bath to help soothe hemorrhoids and yeast infections.  Using a clean cloth or cotton pad apply tea to wounds injuries and burns to prevent infections and help reduce scarring.  Drinking the tea can also help regulate menstruation and painful menstruation. While I only named a few benefits and uses you may  further research all of the other benefits and uses to see how much of a miracle flower this is!

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